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Concrete Pools by Pool Boyz

Once your design is approved, time for construction. After the hole is dug, the next step, install the plumbing and line the excavated hole with a framework grid of steel reinforcing rods, or rebar.

Secured together with wire, the rebar is then covered with a thick layer of concrete that is sprayed onto the grid and troweled to form the pool shell. Typically, the concrete perimeter bond beam surrounding the pool is 12 to 14 inches thick, while the pool floors and walls are  6 to 8 inches.

The method of spraying concrete is called shotcrete. It can be done one of two ways: by using a dry mix that is injected with water as it exits the hose (often referred to as “gunite”), or by using a wet, premixed concrete that is pumped from a truck. After curing for about a week, concrete pools need to be finished with a finishing material. The most common choices are plaster, tile, and stone aggregate.

Grid Work, Steel Framing, Re-Enforcing Plaster can be tinted almost any color and is troweled over the concrete to create a smooth, waterproof surface.

Plaster can be tinted almost any color and is troweled over the concrete to create a smooth, waterproof surface.

Tile which can be the most costly option,  is the easiest to maintain because algae has a difficult time growing along its smooth surface.

Stone aggregate offers a natural look and is available in numerous color combinations. Smooth and polished pebbles are mixed with clear epoxy and troweled into the concrete, creating a waterproof surface.

Beautiful Outdoor Pool Landscaping Swiiming and Refreshing Pool by Pool Boyz Inc

Concrete is the best option for a homeowner seeking a completely custom pool design. If you can envision the pool of your dreams, then Pool Boys N Spas  will help translate the idea into reality.

Our designers will advise that you should harmonize your new pool with your property’s architecture and natural setting. For instance, if you have a beautiful vista view, an elegant infinity pool may be best suitable while a contemporary pool may be more fitting in an urban type of setting.

Whatever your choice  Pool Boyz N Spas will always be here to fullfil your familys dream of pool ownership.

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